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KL2R uploads every QSO in the log to ARRL's Logbook of the World and eQSL. Please confirm contacts by LoTW if possible.

Updates are completed approximately once a month and after every major contest. We do NOT upload logs to qrz.com.

Search KL2R Log

You do not have to send a card for a QSL! Before sending a QSL request, however, PLEASE VERIFY YOU ARE IN THE LOG! After that, you have two options:

1. Simply search log entries* for your callsign and request a QSL via the bureau at no charge by dropping an email to email address

2. You can also receive a QSL direct through the Online QSL Request System (OQRS) now supported by Club Log. Be sure to enter your email address in the request form to receive notice when your card is sent.

NOTE: WE ONLY QSL TO THE CALLSIGN IN OUR LOG. If you operated from a club or used a special callsign other than your own, we will NOT QSL to your personal call. NOT IN LOG = NO QSL!!!

Thanks to G7VJR for the free Club Log service.

* Special notice: Casual contacts are almost always uploaded to Club Log immediately. This is not possible during contests. Major updates to the online log are usually completed within a week to ten days AFTER a contest. Therefore, it's entirely possible the last QSO date on the Club Log is misleading, because the database does not include recent entires from contests. If you think you're in the log, then please allow up to two weeks for these changes to take effect. It's a manual process to import contest contacts into our main logbook, verify the results, then export and upload the QSOs to Club Log.